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New asteroid could hit earth in 2040

London(IANS): A new asteroid, identified by NASA, could potentially hit the earth Feb 5, 2040, even though it is much smaller than the one — nine miles across — which wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. File photoThe ...

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80% Indian-Americans to vote for Obama: poll

Washington(PTI): Indian-Americans would overwhelmingly vote for US President Barack Obama in the November presidential elections, while Mitt Romney has been named as favourite among the Republican presidential candidates, according to a latest opinion poll. “Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney leads ...

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Karnataka Legislature mulls owning TV channel

Bangalore(PTI): Karnataka Legislature today sought to resurrect an old proposal to launch its own TV channel, the move coming against the backdrop of private channels airing the porn-watching episode involving three former ministers. The presiding officers of both Houses and ...

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