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LimeWire is Forced to Shutdown

The entertainment industry is making another effort to target peer-to-peer technology which has already been outdated by the time of the lawsuit. No much fun for file-sharers. The RIAA celebrated a victory this past May when it succeeded to convince ...

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Car hits woman, she sues Google

Salt Lake City: A pedestrian injured by a motorist while following an online route has filed a lawsuit claiming Google Inc. supplied unsafe directions. Lauren Rosenberg filed a lawsuit on Thursday seeking more than $ 100,000 in U.S. District Court ...

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25,000 people to stop using Facebook from today

New Delhi: Nearly 25,000 Facebook users have committed to unplug themselves from the social networking site on Monday. The users are calling their movement to stop using Facebook planning a ‘digital suicide’. They are protesting against the website ignoring privacy ...

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Internet Explorer dips below 60 percent

Microsoft’s browser market share continued to fall in April, with Internet Explorer now in use for fewer than three in five Web connections. IE’s share of the market in April was 59.95, down from 60.65 percent in March, according to ...

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Sony stops manufacturing Floppy Disks

Finally Japanese giant Sony declares that they are no more producing Floppy Disk and closing the production unit from May 2010. Prior to this Moser Baer also discontinued the Floppy Disk production earlier in August 2009. This means it’s time ...

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