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“Yeh thoda zyada ho gaya Arjun”

A love-making sequence in Prakash Jha’s Raajneeti featuring Arjun Rampal and a theatre actress (name withheld) turned out so explicit that the actress in question has requested the director to keep her name out of the credits. The sequence was voluntarily deleted from the film before it was submitted for censoring.

Arjun Rampal too was shocked at how far they had gone with the love-making before the director shouted ‘cut’. After they viewed the sequence, both Arjun and Prakash Jha were uncomfortable with its explicitness.

“Yeh thoda zyada ho gaya,” Jha told Arjun. Even the actress requested that her name be kept out of the credits. Arjun, who has lately pulled out all stops to get into character, feared the love-making sequence would not go down well with his wife and daughters. He even requested a re-shoot.

While neither the director nor the actor is willing to reveal details of the scene, a source reveals that it involves a hopeful female electoral candidate who approaches Arjun for an election ticket — with the willingness to do anything for it. The girl begins to seduce Arjun. They end up making torrid love. This is where the content went out of hand.

Jha says, “Yes, it’s true that we removed the love-making scene before submitting it to the censor board. But we plan to include it in the DVD version.”

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