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2003 Miss Afghanistan deported for ‘bad’ behaviour

Light-eyed favourite of Mumbai’s party hosts, Vida Samadzai, has been deported to the United States for mysterious security reasons.

The 2003 Miss Afghanistan, who was pursuing a modelling and film career in Mumbai, was deported last week when she landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport at New Delhi in a Delta flight from the US for alleged visa irregularity.

Sources say Vida, who has been living in Mumbai for the last six years, was turned away as she was “an unwelcome guest.” A well-placed source from the security agency added that they suspected she had “links with people who were unfriendly to India.”

“Under the circumstances in which Vida has been deported, she will not be allowed to enter India ever again, unless she appeals against this move to the Government of India and gets the order scrapped,” sources in the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) told Mumbai Mirror from Delhi.

Vida has been pursuing her modelling career in India for the past few years and has even acted in a forgettable Bollywood film, Runway with Lucky Ali and Tulip Joshi.

Sources said Indian laws have been liberal about foreigners seeking employment opportunities, particularly models or Bollywood stars. “There are several stars who have foreign nationality, even those from Pakistan, who have been staying in India and earning money.

When someone is denied entry on the grounds of visa violations, then there has to be something seriously wrong about the conduct of the person.

The Foreigners Act empowers authorities to refuse entry to foreigners without assigning any reason,” a former intelligence official said. Several attempts were made to contact Vida but she remained unavailable for comment.


  1. Hi vida ur bad girl in all world
    Why u doing this I think ur not afghni
    Ur from USA we realy hate y fuckkkkkkk ur all
    Family that they born girl like u!
    I’m afghni girl sanam

  2. Vida Samadzai is very beautifull , she is great and she is best , i love her sooooooooooooooo much .

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