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Aruna Shields goes Nude for Mr Singh Mrs Mehta Movie

Prince babe Aruna Shields goes nude for debutante director Pravesh Bhardwaj movie Mr Singh Mrs Mehta. Pravesh Bhardwaj approached nearly 60 girls who refused to pose nude for a vital sequence in the movie.

“The character is called Neera. She is the muse for a nude painting, and that is her turning point. For a girl who is trapped in middle class morality, to reach a point where she not only poses naked in front of a man who is not her husband but also doesn’t care what the world will think when the painting becomes public, it is a tough journey towards self-discovery. Getting actresses to see my viewpoint was difficult” said Pravesh Bhardwaj.

“Every time I narrated the script, I met with very strong reactions. In fact, one actress threw the script at me and walked out.”

Pravesh says the most embarrassing episode was when a particular actress called him a ‘loser’ for writing this ‘kind of film’. A former VJ had actually agreed to do the part but jacked up her price at the last moment because of the nude scene. “We couldn’t afford her,” he shrugged.

Aruna Shields who already acted in some hot scenes in the movie Private Moments accepted to do the nude scene for Pravesh.

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