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Ayesha Takia, Sidharth Mallya Twitter War

All of it started with Bollywood actress Ayesha Takia tweeting frantically about Kingfisher Airlines’ staff misbehaving with her sister Natasha Takia at New Delhi Airport.

The worst airline, kingfisher!!! shockingly baddddddddddd airport staff behaviour at the Delhi airport with my sister. This disgustingly behaved kingfisher staff called Vinay Podwal just tore my sister’s boarding pass n misbehaved with her!!!!,” an angry Ayesha wrote on her Twitter page.

“Can’t believe thisssss!!! I’m in mumbai n I wish I was there rite now 2!soooo angry!!

How can this happen!!!how dare this vinay podwal misbehave with a passenger and tare her boarding pass,it cud b any one of u!!think about it.

“Vinay Podwal at Delhi airport, kingfisher staff just threatened and yelled at my sister saying he can throw anyone out n TORE her boarding pass!” she posted.

“She is unwell and has a horrible backache,can’t believe this happend 2 her rite now!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Is this how a girl alone at an airport gets treated by the staff of the airline she is flying?!?!?!?

“Vinay podwal at delhi airport,kingfisher staff just threatend and yelled at my sister saying he can throw any1 out n TORE her boarding pass!

“She is unwell n tired n hurt from being mistreated n threatend..I’m shocked!

“We r goin 2 take serious action against this and go 2 court with it,let the law handle it,so that this dosent happen 2 any girl again!”

Responding to retweets reached to Siddharth Mallya he posted “Been getting retweets about Ayesha Takia & KFA. not too sure who she is, an actor of some sorts?? But it seems something has upset her!!”

He went on to post, “Don’t know why Ayesha Takia is tweeting so much when she wasn’t even present. There are always two sides to a story. Pipe down love.”

To which Ayesha replied: “Well any Indian citizen can stand up for their rites if treated badly, and I don’t have to be anyone you know sidharth mallya!!!! You weren’t there either so don’t be condescending and defend your freaking staff, first find out what happend! You clearly are unaware of ALOT Sidhartha Mallya!!”

“My sister is a normal Indian girl travelling economy so ofcourse you won’t give a shit, I know the whole story because it happened to my sister. therefore I will rant siddharth mallaya, what will you DO!!!! This is your way of dealing with a hospitality business!!! wow!! learn manners and respect!!!

When contacted, the spokesperson of Airlines denied what Ayesha Takia let out. “We categorically deny that any of our staff misbehaved with this valued guest. We also deny that any of our staff tore her boarding card as alleged. The boarding card had in fact not even been handed over to the guest as she was waitlisted.”

He went on to add, “We regret any inconvenience that may have been caused to the guest on account of her missing her connecting flight”.

But, it did not stop there. The girls’ father, Nishit Takia on his Twitter id said all those statements from the Airlines were false. “How can the kingfisher make lie statements to the press. natasha travelled AI back to Mumbai due to this,” he tweeted.

“Natasha was booked in KF from Kathmandu to Mumbai. KF cancelled their flt and gave a bkg in AI. Not her fault AI was delayed.”

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