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Dimpy is a Bakra says Rakhi Sawant

Television actress Rakhi Sawant, who had got engaged to Elesh Parujanwala through Rakhi Ka Swayamwar, has said that Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Ganguly relationship will not long last and very soon, they will part their ways. She says that Dimpy, 21, has become bakra by choosing Rahul, who is 13-years elder than her.

In an interview to the Times of India, Rakhi Sawant said that it is really difficult to choose a life partner through a public poll. “Dimpy bali ka bakra ban gayi hai. There is a huge age difference between Rahul and Dimpy. I’m sure that this will lead to differences between them,” the Times of India reports her as saying.

“Rahul’s temperament is very volatile and everyone cannot tolerate that. In fact, Rahul should have thought twice before marrying Dimpy because of these reasons. Very soon, you all get to hear that Rahul aur Dimpy ka separation ho gaya hai,” Rakhi added.

Talking about her failed relationship with Elesh, Rakhi further said, “It’s really difficult to choose a life partner through a public poll. I thought of only getting engaged with Elesh instead of marrying him so that I could get more time to decide. But as time passed, I started feeling that he was not the right person for me. He just wanted to marry me because he wanted be part of my glamorous life. Things got so bad that now I really hate him.”

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