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Kangana in Dumping Zone !!!

Kangana in Dumping Zone !!!

Adhyayan Suman wants to break the relation with Kangana. In his website he mentioned ” In a conversation which i initiated, me and Kangana decided to break up. This is only because of Professional Commitments” . This break is bad for Kangana because she is not ready to get separated right now. As the thing is initiated from Adhyayan, she do not have any other option but to accept it. And she said “We need to focus on our careers rather than a relationship” . She seems to be more involved in the relation than Adhyayan. From the past one year, she was not linked with any other actor than Adhyayan, but Adhyayan was linked with many of his co stars including Anjana Sukhani and Sahana Goswami.


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