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KRK proved himself by leaking the Exact Bigg Boss 7 participants list


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Bigg Boss, the most popular Indian TV reality show, which was used to keep the list of participants as a top secret till the last moment, couldn’t survive from KRK hands this season.

So many TV channels and News papers came up with their own set of probable candidates but failed to guess the complete list.

Kamal Rashid Khan
an ex participant of Bigg Boss and popularly known as KRK, released the exact list of participating contestants of Bigg Boss season 7, few days earlier to the launching date of the reality show on his Youtube channel.

Starting on today, 15th September, Bigg Boss 7 houses the same contestants whose names were revealed by KRK before few days.

By revealing the list of participants, KRK became the first person who leaked the exact list of featuring contestants before the launch of the show.

The participants featuring in Bigg Boss 7 are

Pratyusha Banerjee
Tannisha Mukherji
Anita Advani
Gauhar Khan
VJ Andi
Sangram Singh
Hazel Keech
Rajat Rawail
Armaan Kohli
Kamya Punjabi
Ratan Rajput
Kushal Tandon
Elli Evram
Apoorva and Shilpa Agnihotri.

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