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Luck movie Story, Synopsis, Cast & Crew Details

Luck movie Story, Synopsis, Cast & Crew Details


Luck is an action, adventure film.

The only thing sure about LUCK is that it will change.

Following this saying, this film traces the path of various characters and their lives of how with time and circumstances, peoples life change with their changing luck.

Luck is a story about this boy, Ram Mehra (Imran Khan), who is burdened by a lot of circumstantial problems, and reaches a point in life, where he has the capacity, but no opportunity, to come out of the mess that unfortunately life has offered him.

They say:


Something like this happens to Ram, and as he accepts the opportunity, by chance encounters, Ram recognizes his own strengths to pull him through the difficult times that lie ahead………

Only he did not know, that the problems do not end, but a game of betrayal and putting his luck at test at every step starts……

He has to conquer the hurdles raised by Moussa played by Sanjay Dutt to win this game of Money, greed and the biggest addiction of betting………

On his way he has the support of Shruti Haasan, playing his love interest, Mithun Chakraborty, Danny Dengzongpa, Ravi Kishen, Chitrashi Rawat etc………

The game of luck begins………


Sanjay Dutt
Imran Khan
Shruti Haasan
Mithun Chakraborthy
Danny Danzongpa
Ravi Kishen
Chitrashi Rawat


Banner: Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd.
Producer: Dhilin Mehta
Director: Soham Shah
Music Directors: Salim Suleiman

Luck Movie Release Date : July 24th, 2009


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  4. this is nice movie nd i like it nd i’m also believe on Luck nd it can change ur Life suddenly got it right now!

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