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  1. Yes lelettan, I am your great fan. My life spam is to act a film with you, as two brothers.

  2. iam a great fan of laletan no doubt he is the best actor in india

  3. yes can i contact u i want to speak a little

  4. “Iam really sorry”
    Just remember me…
    I told in kodaikkanal 23/07/10 evening “laletaa plz take your hand i’ll kiss you”
    After your advice…
    I can understand my mistake,
    Iam really sorry…
    Iam younus in malappuram,

  5. Aadyamaayi kaanunnathu kondum, athiyaaya aavesham kondum paranju poyathaanu,
    Iam really sorry…
    Iam younus in malappuram,
    Mob: 9895444580

  6. Dear Lal uncle,We saw Shikkar;It’s a different kind of film ever u acted.Ur role selection very appreicable.Keep it up!

    This is my dad’s opinion


  7. Iam working Lellettan film ALIBAI at Pollachi 2007 may 27 to june 4. I see lallettan at first time. I decided that at time I will write a cinema story with Lallettan ,even know I wrote a cinema story (village cinema story) Lalletatan was main horo in this story 2 nayikamar, I expect your call
    my resident phone number 0474270228(after 9.00 p.m)

  8. a very bad habit which seen in all pictures are smoking
    early it was said that it was sensered , but in these days it is like an actor,a senceless actor.

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