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Mtv Teen Diva : Tomboy Sanjana is out

Scooty teen diva contest is the latest reality show which is going on Mtv. In the second week of this contest, the youngest contestant, tomboy girl Sanjana is eliminated. Actually we do not write about these contests eliminations from any reality show. But this girl stole hearts with her sweet nature and behavior, especially when she hugged Aditi (another contestant) when she came to know that she wrote her name for Missplaced award, and the way she says “I am scared” and many such other things.

Those who saw this episode, will not forget her. Like in Mtv’s other shows, if there is any second chance for this contest, many of the viewers are willing to see her back into the contest. If not get ready for any other show Sanjana, there are many viewers who liked your nature.



  1. want to join mtv teendiva contest 2009………
    plz help as soon as possible

  2. Very interesting post. Scooty is the best scooter in its segment and much better in comparison to its rivals. Am planning to buy it soon.

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