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Neha Marda rejects Bigg Boss offer

neha marda

neha marda

As India is getting ready for the Bigg Boss 6 which starts on October 7th speculations have started about the inmates of the controversial reality show.

Gehna of Balika Vadu series Neha Marda was approached by Bigg Boss organizers which she eventually declined. She also said that she was convinced by channel people for many hours in their offers but she didn’t get influenced by it.

Neha also states that, she was told that this years Bigg Boss season is much cleaner and viewable by family audience. But due to the nature of the reality show she said “you never know what kind of controversy, the Bigg Boss might create for you “.

The controversial reality show Bigg Boss season 6 is going to start on October 7.

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