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Not me: Rajnikanth ; Fans are Upset

Be it a slap in a movie to Indian superstar Rajnikanth, his fans do not tolerate it. They don’t like their Supreme hero get even a slap from either actress or villain even in a movie.

But this is another situation, which made super star Rajnikanth fans get upset. Its the audio launch of Enthiran movie, when their super star came onto stage, and telling about the movie Rajnikanth said “the real stars of the movie are Kalanithi Maran, Shankar, A.R. Rahman and Aishwarya Rai”.

Now whats hurting The Superstar’s fans is, will there be any expectations or craziness about the movie if its not their Supremo. Why he have to feel down and making everyone else as heroes, when he is the actual Hero.

But few of them know that, their Hero is very humble and very much down to earth.

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