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Prince Aruna Shields Private Moments

Aruna Shields, Vivek’s princess in the movie Prince have done a steaming Hot movie before Prince. Her first movie is Jagmohan Mundra’s Private Moments in which she have some explicit scenes containing Nudity of this Hot British actress.

Aruna Shields says that Private Moments is UK version of the movie Sex and the City, in which the story revolves around sex lives of 4 women. “Doing steamy scenes is not a Big issue here. Its part of your job” she adds.

When she was approached for the movie Prince, she forgot to tell the producer about her Hot love making scenes in the movie Private Moments. Now she is saying that director Jagmohan narrated her a different script which do not contain much nudity.

Mundhra says, “That’s the excuse all actresses give when they want to enter films. I had sent the script through Aruna’s agent. Out of the 40 girls who had come to the auditions, out of the top three shortlisted, Aruna was the only one who was completely comfortable with the amount of nudity required in the film. She co-operated throughout and not once raised an issue about the lovemaking scenes”.

She shares a Hot kiss scene with Vivek Oberoi in the movie Prince too.


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  2. i love her actresses should do ore nude scenes because we love their bodies

  3. I love aruna. i really like her. She is very well actress. But i want say something u that jaisa mr. Singh and mrs. Mehta me kiya vaisa fir mat karna. Dont use nude. Because i m ur big big so big fan. And u r in my heart

  4. please aruna dont do these again its my grand request to u

  5. aruna I m not tlling that i am you big big fan u are looking very nice and u must have to do film with vivek oberoi only because vivek is(prince)and you are a(princess)i must think u must have to marry with vivek only because he is a right choice aruna & vivek I am your firt fan inthe whole world u known i am wearing that type of clothes which vivek is wearing Good bye

  6. hey aruna plz don’t do this pimp role..

  7. aruna i love you but agar nude scene karana hi hai to apna body to dikhao

  8. i want to give you a advise agar sex karne ka man karta hai to kisi se karwa ke kisi bhi sextube pe dal do ki sab dekh paye

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