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Ram Gopal Varma’s Daughter

ram gopal varma daughterRecently many sites and blogs published the news with the title “Ram gopal Varma has a secret daughter”. This brought many people’s attention towards Ram Gopal Varma and his daughter as many of them do not any details of Ram Gopal Varma’s family life. People who are close to Varma knows about his daughter Revathy and she even attended many functions and events with Ramu earlier.

Now when Ram Gopal Varma came to Hyderabad recently, he attended some functions along with Revathy and other family members, which raised the topic of Ramu’s daughter. Ramu always maintained that he does not believe in the institution of marriage and it is only films that keep him going.

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  1. Actually i dont known about ram daughter. She is beatiful.Most people were shocked to know that Ramgopal Varma has a daughter who is already studying Medicine.Fine, Its good.

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