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Salman and Katrina’s Split up Drama for Publicity

Salman Khan has admitted that he wants his fans to stay in a state of perennial confusion when it comes to his relationship with Katrina Kaif. True to form, the Bollywood superstar has now claimed that his muchhyped ‘break-up’ with Katrina was mere drama and that they are still together.

“I want everyone to be confused about my private life. That is fun. It’s quite amusing to watch the media create headlines out of my personal life,” said Salman with a sarcastic smile, in town on Sunday to promote his upcoming film Dabangg. Confirming, Katrina and he were still very much together and happy, Salman added: “No one wanted to listen to my full story when I said that Katrina and I had split. I was merely being pushed into saying something to that effect because the media kept asking me about my status with Katrina.

What I actually said was: If a split between Katrina and me makes you happy, then we have split.” At Sunday’s media meet, Salman continued goading journalists, saying that they should never stop asking him about Katrina. “I have had a number of affairs. But I have started a new one only after ending the last one. If and when I feel the need to settle down, I won’t ask for anyone’s advice. I shall do my own thing,” he said.

So, is he seriously planning to marry Katrina? “Till the time we don’t get officially married, everyone stays single technically. I can’t understand why everyone is so interested in knowing when we are getting married. Do people keep track of their own family, friends and neighbours when it comes to such things?” Of course, there is a popular notion that reports of a split crop up every time Salman or Katrina have a release coming up. It happened last year, when Katrina’s Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani was about to release, and again when Rajneeti opened this year. In both films, her co-star was Ranbir Kapoor and rumours did the rounds that Katrina was getting cosy with Ranbir.

Again, when Salman’s Veer opened earlier this year, reports of his closeness to the film’s debutant heroine, Katrina-look-alike Zarine Khan, did the rounds.

Right now, Salman has his biggest release of the year, Dabangg, coming up on September 10.

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