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Salman beats SRK on Twitter

This is one battle Salman Khan seems to have taken an edge on rival, SRK. Salman joined Twitter with his account, BeingSalmanKhan, on Tuesday, the same day that Shah Rukh completed 100 days on the microblogging site.

And within six hours, accumulated as many followers as Shah Rukh did in the first day. 24-hours after his first post, Salman had 18,833 followers, compared to SRK’s nearly 10,000, in the same time.

In his first tweet, Salman posted, “Arbaaz ne kaha ke tweet kar, toh banta hai boss.” His next came an hour later, “Challo nw , whoever was being me, party over, baju hattoplz.” Late on Tuesday night, the actor tweeted, “Thanx guys! Feels good. Promise to tweet, ek baar jo maine commitment kar di.”

SRK, meanwhile, is going strong with 2,66,743 followers at the time of going to press.

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