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Salman Khan on Katrina’s tshirt

Salman Khan on Katrina’s tshirt

Recently when Katrina visited Dharavi’s slum area to meet kids from that locality, she wore a tshirt which has Salman’s name on it. Though Salman and Katrina staying together from a long time, they never showed their relation explicitly before. Often comes rumours that Sallu bhai is angry on her or he slapped or like he gifted her a watch. And Katrina always stayed away from such rumours and questions. This is the first time, she is spotted by wearing a tshirt having Salman’s name written on it. She did it to show the relation towards Salman like Saif Ali Khan having Kareena’s tattoo on his hand ?? Or as the event was promoted by Salman Khan she had no option but to wear the tshirt ?? She must be knowing it.


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  1. Salman and Katrina rocks.
    these r the cool and the hottest couple in indian film industry
    no one can compete them, not even abhi and ash.

    roch dude

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