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Shah Rukh to go naked !!

Actor Shah Rukh Khan is on a roll again, what with his IPL team – Kolkata Knight Riders – making him a proud owner now and again. Of course, compared to last year’s dismal performance, this year has been a remarkable one in comparison for the KKR’s and deserves celebration!

However, Shah Rukh Khan though attending post-match IPL parties once in away, won’t pop the bubbly too soon. He insists he’ll celebrate in a unique way if his team was to win the League this year! “I’ll dance naked to my song ‘Dard-e-disco’ in the DY Patil staidum,” he said, “if my team will make it to the finals and win!”

Lalit Modi, Chairman, IPL, was all smiles at this statement of Shah Rukh’s. “He’s a great owner and highly possessive about his team members. I won’t be surprised if he actually sticks to his word about dancing in the nude if they were to win,” he laughed.

Wonder if SRK needed to watch his words before uttering them… But the women, we’re sure, are now hollering for KKR a little louder than otherwise!

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