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Sherlyn Chopra to do 3D Kama Sutra


Sherlyn to star Kama Sutra 3d

2012 year seems to be the year that worked for Sherlyn Chopra. Earlier this year she posed Playboy becoming the first Indian to feature on the magazine.

Sherlyn now set to be the leading lady of 3D Kama Sutra directed by Rupesh Paul.

Rupesh Paul premiered his directorial debut movie Saint Dracula 3D at Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. Now he is planning to premiere his next movie Kama Sutra 3D featuring Sherlyn in 2013 at the same prestigious film festival.

According to Paul this film is going to be a challenge for him as well as Sherlyn Chopra. The other characters of the movie will be from bollywood and Paul wants to use them as surprise elements at the time of movie release.

Speaking about 3D, Paul wants to add the extra dimensions to the sexual positions described in the Kama Sutra.

Now Sherlyn Chopra fans will get a chance to see their favorite actress boldness in 3D.

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