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Shruti Hassan doing Bikini act in her First movie ?

Those who saw the trailers of the movie Luck feels the same. In one scene she comes out of water in Bikini top. So is she doing Bikini act in her debut movie ? Before there were such rumors when Hansika Motwani was seen in such act in the trailers of the movie Money hai to honey hai. Later when the movie was released, the scene where Hansika Motwani was seen in Bikini top was completely removed. Is it going to be the same story happening now also ? Or Shruti Hassan pleases her fans with the Bikini act ?



  1. nonsense. very shame. she is not tamilian. she is become northy. plz dont allow to tamil film industry. as far as i concerned after 1 or 2 years she will become a very big thevadiya.
    cheeeeeeee nayi

  2. Mr.Raj..u should know only one thing..when ur posting your comments pls don’t use bad words..the way you comment shows who u are..even I’m a tamilian…these are just movies..entertainment factor..

    And these website people also make suth things as a big issue coz they want to increase their users…all business tricks..so bro dnt take these into your head..just watch da movie..have fun…if u dnt like dnt watch these..hahaha..(i dnt think so.!!)

    If u feel these type of actions are not good to a tamil girl..y don’t u spend some millions and make movies???

    bro making comment is easy..u should think da real factor..

  3. Mr.Raj your words is very bad bad bad, photo also bad
    we are not expected this sexy photo in shurthi!!!!!

  4. Finally She proves She is the daughter of Kamal Hasan. He also not have a good family life, and he not take very care in his children’s life also. It is not need to poss vulgar as like this for acting a movie. If she is intrested she can act in a good malaylam movie with real heart touching stories or films like subramoniapuram in Tamil or act like Azin, Divya balan like decent actress in Hindi also. IT is her faith started…

  5. she is looking absouletely hot and georgeous

  6. she looks good but her hair r lookin bad in this photo and also she is givin bad expressions as if she is constipated

  7. I like these photos of shruti she is damm hot and sexy

  8. I like these bikni photos of shruti she is damm hot and sexy do some more bikni seens in the movies

  9. She is very hot babe good job to start of in a bikini in the first movie bikni soots shruti a lot give some more bold seens i like you very much raj do not ever say any thing and mind your language

  10. well she is n’t doing any thing out of this industry and as per story if it demands then doing this is not bad.
    she is a cool and sexy babe and when well stablish acctress does this type of acts in all the movies then no one argues. y for tjis new comer… she is kaml’s daughter and surely she will prove her acting skills in her first movie….. i pray to god she get all her desired success and dream ….. becoming true very soon.
    she looking awesum in her bikini pose truly an hot indian gal…….

  11. shrutiis going to end up like a c grade actress as she is too headstrong and has nomorals….shows too much for her age

  12. Y do people make such a big deal in wearing a bikini .It’s nothing bad and it’s not like she has wore d bikini in d whole movie.And I don’t think it is bad for her. it’s a movie for god’s sake just enjoy it .

  13. There are many actresses out there doing more than what she is doing.Why is evryone picking only on her?????

  14. Hey koonjam azlaga irunda thimaru heyan di hidi karanuku than katuvanga la tamil karanuku illa d un appavum tamiln.

  15. wats the big deal in wearing a bikini in ur debut movie GOSH , it’s not like she has done anything bad , hundreds of actresses wear bikinis , So Y is evryone picking on her only , it’s just a movie , Y DOSEN’T ANYONE GET THIS INTO THEIR HEAD !! Look a her talents more than picking on her !! this media people makes up all this things so that they could make some more money ! But some people just get too deep into it , and then they start hating her , let’s take an example of MALIKA SHERAWET , look wat she has been doing in her movies , SHRUTI IS JUST AN ANGEL INFRONT OF ALL THOSE ACTRSSES , STOP PICKING ON HER AND LEAVE HER ALONE !!!

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