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Star of the Bigg Boss house Kamal R Khan

kamal khanMany people don’t know about Kamal Rashid Khan who is known as KRK before he enters into the Bigg Boss house except for his movie Deshdrohi. In the starting days many people didn’t like him because of his Rude behavior with his inmates in the house. As the days passing by, now people started liking him for his Straight Forward behavior.

KRK is a surprise element to Bigg Boss show. His behavior is a mystery. He behaves serious, rude, intelligent and innocent. He cannot tolerate when someone jokes on him, when someone tries to tease or irritate him. Now the show is like KRK is on one side and entire other Bigg Boss members are on the other. May be he gets more number of votes to get eliminated by his inmates, but Bigg Boss may not want to go him soon. Because he is raising TRP’s of the show.

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