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Sunny Leone is the Most Dangerous Indian celebrity

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone

Yeah That’s right! The most dangerous celebrity in Indian cyber space is Sunny Leone.

According to a survey conducted by internet security company McAfee, Sunny Leone has beaten last years most dangerous Indian celebrity Katrina Kaif.

Chances of picking up a malware clicking on Sunny is 9.95% which is much higher than Katrina Kaif’s 8.25%.

According to the company, most of the internet users lands in a website containing virus while trying to find more information or pictures or videos of their favorite actor or actresses.

The only male celebrity featured in the top 10 dangerous Indian celeb is Salman Khan who stands at 8th place with 4.83%.

Indian twitter sensation Poonam Pandey also shares the list at 10th place with 4.25 per cent.

Top 10 India’s Most Dangerous Celebrities

Sunny Leone – 9.95 per cent
Katrina Kaif – 8.25 per cent
Kareena Kapoor – 6.67 per cent
Priyanka Chopra – 6.5 per cent
Bipasha Basu – 5.58 per cent
Vidya Balan – 5.33 per cent
Deepika Padukone – 4.92 per cent
Salman Khan – 4.83 per cent
Aishwarya Rai – 4.58 per cent
Poonam Pandey – 4.25 per cent

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