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2G issue: Prime Minister ready to appear before PAC

New Delhi: An aggressive Manmohan Singh hit out at his detractors at the Congress plenary meet on Monday saying that he would be “happy” to appear before the Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee in the 2G spectrum issue as he has nothing to hide.
Adopting an unusually aggressive stance, he accused the Opposition of “obduracy” over the demand for Joint Parliamentary Committee probe into 2G issue.
The Prime Minister said that no purpose will be served by JPC as multi-agency probe is underway into 2G spectrum allocation.

Addressing the Congress Plenary on the concluding day of the two-day conclave, he said the PAC, headed by senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi, has all the powers which can be given to a JPC. The entire Opposition stalled proceedings in

the Winter Session of Parliament on the demand for JPC into the 2G spectrum scam that resulted in a washout of the session.

Singh’s attack on the Opposition, especially the BJP, comes a day after Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s address at the conclave in which she had given a five-point action plan for the government and Congress party in the battle against


Government will pay careful attention to the five-point agenda to fight corruption set out by Gandhi, he said.

Contending that the Opposition was “falsely propagating” that government was shying away from JPC to prevent the Prime Minister from appearing before it, Singh said he has “nothing to hide from the public”.

He said he would be “happy to appear” before the PAC though there was no precedent and he intended to write to the PAC chairman in this regard.

Noting that multi-disciplinary investigations are underway into the spectrum allocation issue, Singh asserted no guilty person would be spared in 2G spectrum or CWG scams.

All aspects of 2G spectrum allocation are being probed and the Supreme Court is monitoring the CBI investigation in the matter, the Prime Minister said.

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