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BJP government wins trust vote in Karnataka

Bangalore: Amid scenes of pandemonium, Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa ‘won’ a vote of confidence in the Assembly under a cloud after the Speaker disqualified 16 MLAs, including 11 of BJP, hours before the trial of strength.

High drama marked the proceedings when Speaker K G Bopaiah declared the motion of confidence passed by a voice vote.

The Opposition vowed to challenge the Speaker’s ruling disqualifying 11 BJP MLAs and five independents early in the morning, disregarding Governor H R Bhardwaj’s directive last night not to change the status quo in regard to the party’s strength as on October 6 before the rebels withdrew support reducing the government to a minority.

In Delhi, Union Home Ministry sources expressed concern over the ‘abuse’ of the anti-defection law by the Speaker when he disqualified 16 MLAs.

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