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Commonwealth Games under threat ?

Chandigarh: Pakistan-based Sikh militants, supported by the ISI, might carry out bomb blasts in New Delhi before the Commonwealth Games, the Punjab police has alerted.

An advisory circulated recently among all senior officers in the state by the intelligence department of Punjab police has pointed out that Sikh militant leaders based in Pakistan are under ‘tremendous pressure’ from the ISI to carry out sabotage activities in India before the Games.

“Militant leaders, including Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF) chief Ranjit Singh Neeta are planning to undertake some militant actions, including bomb blasts, before the Games scheduled in New Delhi in October,” the advisory said.

It also stated that around 15 kg RDX was smuggled into India from Pakistan by Neeta’s contacts. which was divided into three parts, most of which has been seized by police from different places in the state including Ferozepur and Rajpura.

Intelligence sources of the state police have inputs that Neeta could himself enter India if those directed to carry out the nefarious designs failed in their task.

“Certain militants sitting abroad are desperate to push four Sikh extremists into India to carry out nefarious activities,” the advisory said.

Meanwhile, police have been sensitised and directed to take necessary preventive and detective measures to avoid any untoward incident, official sources said.

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