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Cong leadership gives in, Jagan resumes yatra

New Delhi: The Andhra Pradesh MP from Cuduppah and son of late YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy defied the party diktat on Thursday and arrived in Icchapuram a short while earlier to resume his yatra.

He will begin his tour of two districts Srikakulam and East Godavari from Icchapuram. Jagan will meet up to 80 bereaved families of victims who died of shock or allegedly committed suicide after YSR’s death last year.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi did not want him to go on the journey but the Cudappah MP simply didn’t listen and defied party diktat.

To act or not to act against Jagan is a very delicate issue for the Congress party too. Seen as the Congress’s strongest leader in AP, Jagan has up to 40 MLAs and his father’s legacy behind him. That’s exactly why the response from the Congress party against the defiant MP is mute.

Two reasons why the Congress party does not want to take action against Jagan – one, they are worried that if Jagan’s supporters revolt and walk out it could destabilise the Andhra Pradesh government and the other is they don’t want Jagan to emerge a martyr.

The Congress leadership may like to remain mute for long. But the party also cannot ignore the fact that apart from the support of 40 of 156 Congress MLAs and a tight coterie in the party’s central leadership, Jagan has money power too.

Jagan also enjoys a strong legacy of late YSR Reddy and has a strong hold in the crucial region of Rayalseema.

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