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Govt blames judiciary and judiciary blames Govt over Bhopal Gas Tragedy

New Delhi: Hitting out at Union Law Minister Veerappa Moily for blaming the judiciary for the delay in the Bhopal gas tragedy case, former Chief Justice of India A H Ahmadi said it is government’s responsibility and not judiciary.

“Government must take responsibility for whatever happened. Judiciary should not be blamed.”

Earlier, Veerappa Moily has pointed finger at the judiciary for delaying the Bhopal case by saying that the government has done its job.

“Government did its job, judiciary should be blamed for the delay,” Moily said.

He added, “Accident like this must be treated as disaster.”

Attacking PC Alexander for blaming Congress for the disaster, Moily said: “Alexander was principal secretary when tragedy took place and Congress is in no way responsible for what happened.”

“I think he (P C Alexander) had joined BJP, and with Shiv Sena’s support he became a Rajya Sabha member. He is a new convert to the BJP-Shiv Sena and anti-Congress camp because he was not considered for Presidentship. It is a motivated statement,” he said.

He said many persons like Alexander, former principal secretary to Rajiv Gandhi, suddenly wanted to be martyrs.

“I think he is responsible (for Anderson’s sudden release after his arrest in December 1984) because he was the then principal secretary,” he added.

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