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It was not a targeted attack on Ravishankar: Police

Bangalore: Karnataka Director General of Police Ajai Kumar Singh claimed on Monday that the firing incident at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s ashram in Bangalore on Sunday was not an attack on the spiritual guru.

“I won’t call this an attack on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The incident happened five minutes after Sri Sri Ravi Shankar left,” said Singh which addressing the media on Monday morning.

Singh added that he was not contradicting the claims made by Ravi Shankar’s organisation the Art of Living that spiritual guru was the target of the firing. He said that he was juts report the facts.

“The bullet could have been aimed high that is why there were no casualties. The trajectory was not flat. It doesn’t look like a country made gun. It’s probably a factory made gun,” said Singh

Singh added that there was a delay in filing the police complaint by the ashram as they were consulting with each other.

A disciple Vinay was injured and the gunman escaped after the firing at around 6 pm near the ashram at Kanakapura Road on the outskirts of Bangalore.

“The distance between the shooter and Vinay could have been at least 700 feet,” said Karnataka DGP.

According to a press statement issued by the Art of Living International Centre, the gunman opened fire as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar left after delivering a discourse at his ashram.

“While leaving from public satsang (discourse) this evening in Bangalore, an unidentified gunman shot at Sri Sri’s convoy. It hit one the devotee’s thigh, causing a minor injury,” the statement said.

Swami Sadyojatha, director of international affairs of the Art of Living Foundation, told CNN-IBN he was inside in the car when it was shot at but couldn’t comment who was to blame for the attack. Sadyojatha said the injured disciple, Vinay, was discharged from a hospital after treatment.

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