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Kashmir belongs to us: Pakistan to US

Washington: US had asked Pakistan in 2002 to end infiltration across the Line of Control in J-K but was instead told not to ‘push it too far’ on the issue with an assertion that ‘Kashmir should have been ours’, according to declassified documents.

This communication forms part of a meeting Richard Haass, the then Director of Policy Planning Staff at the US State Department, had with an unnamed Pakistani military official on October 31, 2002 to discuss US-Pak cooperation a year after the deadly 9/11 attacks in the US.

“On Kashmir, Hass stressed the importance of ending infiltration, but the Pak official warned the US not to push Pakistan too far on Kashmir,” classified documents released on Monday said.

According to the document, Hass told the top official that he was pleased about the (Indian) announcement of troop pullback from the border as de-escalation would free resources to be devoted to sealing the Afghan border and counter-terrorism.

“It appeared that India wanted to renew contacts but continued infiltration was a barrier to progress,” Hass said.

“The US believed that infiltration was continuing. Stopping it would help Pakistan’s cause with the US and India. Infiltration hurts Pakistan’s friends efforts to help it,” he said, according to the documents.

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