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Mamata calls Sushma for support

Kolkata(PTI): Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee called the Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj today seeking support for bringing a no-confidence motion against the UPA government at the Centre, senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi said here.

“Ms Banerjee has approached Sushma Swaraj,” Joshi said at a press conference at Kolkata Press Club here.

“Swaraj has gone to Mumbai for Bal Thakeray’s funeral and after she returns to Delhi we will sit and discuss the issue,” Joshi said answering a question on whether Banerjee has approached BJP-led NDA for support.

“The NDA will meet tomorrow or day after and take a decision,” the BJP Rajya Sabha MP said.

Banerjee had attacked UPA government on FDI in retail and corruption issues yesterday and said TMC would bring a no-confidence motion against it in the coming winter session of Parliament and sought support of UPA allies and Left parties. She had also expressed readinesss to talk to BJP.

Asked whether there were adequate numbers to win a no-confidence motion at this juncture, the former BJP president said “That is why we will sit and discuss.

If the numbers are not adequate and the motion fails, the government becomes safe for the next six months within which another such motion cannot be brought.
“Again, if the motion is passed and the government falls, you have to think of the next course of action,” he said.

Asked whether TMC’s decision to bring a no-confidence motion in the Parliament was a correct one given SP and BSP’s outside support to UPA, he said “Opposing FDI is a correct stand, but if they (TMC) bring the no-confidence, it is up to them to accept the consequences.

“They (TMC) themselves don’t have the numbers and would depend on other parties’ support. So despite that if the TMC leadership decides to go ahead, they should be prepared for whatever the consequences may be,” he added.

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