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Mayawati says ‘no’ to CBI probe in girl’s murder

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati Wednesday vowed to bring to book the killers of a 14-year-old girl who was found hanging in a police compound five days ago. But she rejected demands for a CBI probe.

“I condemn the murder in strong words and assure the family that the culprits will be dealt with strongly,” she told reporters here.

“We don’t oppose the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) investigating the case but the government fears the case may be botched up,” Mayawati said. The girl’s body was found hanging from a tree inside the Nighasan police station in Lakhimpur district June 10.

The death was initially dismissed by police as suicide, but a second autopsy confirmed the girl was strangled. As many as 11 policemen at the police station and three doctors who conducted the first autopsy have been suspended. The police superintendent of the district has been transferred.

The case has sparked off vehement criticism of the state administration, which critics say has failed to curb growing crime in the state, particularly against women. The opposition has demanded a CBI probe, saying the state investigation was a sham. But Mayawati said the opposition should not politicise the issue.

“Opposition parties should rise above party politics and help the government in arresting the culprits,” she said. She said her government was taking steps to improve the crime situation in the state “which is the legacy of previous governments”.

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