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Noida B School MBA Girl Scandal – Photos

Noida B School MBA Girl Scandal – Noida MBA Girl – MBA Girl Scandal – Noida MMS Scandal – Business School Scandal – Noida Scandal Photos – Noida Scandal Pictures

This is Technology time. Good or Bad. People are using it in every way they want to. Before few years, Delhi Public School girl created a big scandal which lead to close some major websites in India. Now again one such scandal is creating news everywhere. An MBA girl from B school in Noida doing Striptease for her boy friend is roaming around internet. The rumors saying that the girl rejected her boy friend to marry and in frustration that guy spread that clip around.



  1. she’s want to more show
    i want to see mmore

  2. it is cheting and that basterd must be punished like in soudi counties as stand in cross roads and thrown the stones to him till he dead

  3. hi

    friend, do u me like

  4. can someone send me the full mms ???

  5. Why does it have to be the girls fault ? MBA girl, B-school Grl ? I dont get it

  6. she is unclear in that wear

  7. They should not have uncleard the part of the photo which has her butt.

  8. I would like to drink her breast milk & fuck on her very very hard for 12 hours & 12 hours to suck her breast with drinking her breastmilk through out her nipples… I want to bath her from my toung..

  9. hi mba toopakoor girl we want clear still.

  10. can someone send me the full mms ???

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