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Pak knows about Osama bin Laden: US

Washington: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that there are people in the Pakistan Government who know the whereabouts of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

“I’m not saying that they’re at the highest levels but I believe that somewhere in this government are people who know where Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda is, where Mullah Omar and the leadership of the Afghan Taliban is and we expect more cooperation to help us bring to justice, capture or kill, those who attacked us on 9/11,” Clinton revealed on the CBS 60 Minutes show.

Clinton also said that she was of the view that the Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad was connected to a Pakistani-based terrorist group.

“There are connections. Exactly what they are, how deep they are, how long they’ve lasted, whether this was an operation encouraged or directed, those are questions that are still in the process of being sorted out,” Clinton said.

On the bomb in Times Square, she said that the message to the Pakistan Government was: “It’s very clear. This is a threat that we share, we have a common enemy. There is no time to waste in going after that common enemy as hard and fast as we can and we cannot tolerate having people encouraged, directed, trained and sent from Pakistan to attack us.”

“I have to stand up for the efforts the Pakistani government is taking. They have done a very significant move toward going after the terrorists within their own country,” she added.

She also said that she was never in favour of President Barack Obama considering her for the Supreme Court, given her legal background and credentials.

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  1. Still US not ready to come out with the name ” PARVEZ MUSHRAFF ” to hide OSAMA. In his 1st speech post 9/11 Mushraff clearly spoke to ” STABB ” US at appropriate time. Pakistan’s Policy on Terrorism is clear:- Bypass the Blame towards Afghan Taliban or AlQueda or deny the involvement of their Home Growns, if failed Solicit for Proof, if Proved Accept without Responsiblity and ask for Free Aid Help. ISI with Dawood’s help ” Extorted ” India, now ” EXTORTING ” the World.

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