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Sarabhai, Gujarat riot victims detained

Ahmedabad: Around 20 people, including activists Mallika Sarabhai and Mukul Sinha, were Sunday detained along with some 2002 Gujarat riots victims here ahead of their planned protest against Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘sadbhavana’ (goodwill) fast.

With Naroda Patiya, a locality in Ahmedabad, riot victims resolving to hold a protest, the entire Naroda village was ringed by the police. People were prevented from coming out of their homes and those who turned up, found their vehicles seized by the police and turned away.

Sinha, a lawyer, and others were taken to police headquarters from near the Noorani mosque. “There can be no sadbhavana without justice,” Sinha said.

While being taken to the police station, Sarabhai said a police officer told her that they were instructed Saturday morning to arrest her before her protest at Naroda Patiya.

The activist said police gave her no reasons while taking her to the police station. “No reason was given… The police said they were instructed,” she said.

Condemning Modi’s three-day fast which continued for the second day Sunday, Sarabhai asked what was the point of ‘sadbhavana’ when even after nearly 10 years, the 2002
Gujarat riots victims have got no justice.

“We were to hold a silent protest. I have no idea what I am being charged with,” she said.
Earlier, Sarabhai charged the chief minister with using public funds to “bribe” her attorney in a frantic attempt to scuttle her petition filed in the apex court on the post-Godhra riots of 2002.

In 2002, Sarabhai had filed a petition contending complicity between the state administration and Modi in the riots.

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