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The Man Behind Mahatma ; Gandhi liked writing and talking about Sex

According to the book Naked Ambition, Mahatma Gandhi likes a lot to write and talk about sex says British historian Jad Adams.

Naked Ambition is the book released by Jad Adams in UK is creating startling controversies about Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi.

According to Jad Adams he worked on the book The Dynasty where he explored about Gandhi and Nehru relationship. Then he wanted to see Gandhi’s life according to Gandhi and others views.

As per Jad, Gandhi did not like the term Mahatma, and he was busy in his spiritual nature.

And he told that Gandhi’s attitude was ‘abnormal and unnatural’ according to Nehru during partition. And senior leaders like J Kripalani and Vallabhbhai Patel also distanced themselves from Gandhi on account of his sexual attitude.

Jad Adams said that he have worked with countless records both written by him and about him. Some of the most helpful were those produced by Sushila Nayar, Pyarelal’s sister. In fact, she herself said that Gandhi’s dwelling on sexuality and his Brahmacharya experiments were ‘fundamental and integral to Gandhiji’s philosophy of life, and on account of the great importance he himself attached to it and his own injunction to me on that behalf’.

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