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Younger people should come forward to take the reins of the country: PM

New Delhi: The Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on Monday said younger people must come forward and take over the reins of the country.

Addressing a press conference here on the completion of the UPA II Government’s first year in office, Dr Singh said: “I feel younger people should take over.”

Commenting on Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi’s induction into Union Cabinet, Dr Singh said he has discussed the matter with him many times, but there was no positive answer from Rahul.

“Rahul is very qualified to hold a position in the Cabinet. I have discussed the matter many times with him. But, I really don’t remember the time and place when I took up the matter last with him,” Dr, Singh said.

“But, every time he is reluctant to take the offer, saying that there is lot more to do with the Congress Party organization. And, he is doing good job in organizing the party,” he added.

Commenting on whether he would step aside to make way for Rahul as Prime Minister, Dr. Singh said he would be happy to make place for any one.

“I would be very happy to make place for anybody who the Congress Party decides,” Dr Singh said.

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