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Airport body scanners ‘could cause cancer’

London: Airport body scanners have a potentially greater risk of cancer than previously thought, a scientist has warned.

The devices emit radiation up to 20 times more powerful than it was believed.

Dr David Brenner, head of the centre for radiological research at Columbia University in New York, said that the concentration of the radiation on skin could pose a greater risk of cancer than expected.

The risk is due to inability of a body to repair X-ray damage to its cells.

“If all 800 million people who use airports every year were screened with X-rays then the very small individual risk multiplied by the large number of screened people might imply a potential public health or societal risk,” the Telegraph quoted Brenner as saying.

“The population risk has the potential to be significant,” he added.

However, Civil Aviation Authority spokesman insisted that all the health regulations by the Department for Transport and Health Protection Agency have been considered for the device’s use.

“Under current regulations, up to 5,000 scans per person per year can be conducted safely,” he added.

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  1. Let me see if I have this right.

    2 million passengers per day (in the US only) for the past 9 years (since 9/11) equals about 6.5 BILLION passengers.

    One nut tries to blow up a plane with explosives in his underwear which failed. (BTW: You can’t put enough explosives in your underwear to down a plane) and now OUR GOVERNMENT wants to strip search or physically pat down all AMERICAN travelers at a cost of billions of dollars.

    Nobody has been killed by terrorists on an American aircraft since 9/11!

    Odds: 1 in 6.5 billion ? or less? the bombs didn’t work!
    Powerball 1 in 40 million?
    State lottery 1 in 14 million.

    I’m 465 times more likely to win the state lottery, than to be killed by terrorists on a plane!


    Billions to strip search Air Travellers? Teachers all over the country out of work?
    Cities & Towns going bankrupt?

    What about the 300,000 killed in car crashes in the same period?

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    Speaking of pictures, picture you, your wife and kids like this:





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