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Genitals Piercings and Tattoos are the Latest trends in metros

tattooGenitals Piercings and Tattoos are the Latest trends among youth in metro cities in India. Earlier they were more attracted towards having a tattoo on their shoulders or on back side. Now they are getting closer towards genitals especially girls are more crazy about these tattoos now. And genital piercings are also in hot demand among boys and girls. According to a survey genital piercings in Pune are increased by 100 % in the last few years.

Many Indian Actresses are also fond of tattoos. Like Trisha having a tattoo on her breast and Mumaith Khan around her waist. And rumors says that many other Actresses are also having tattoos but they are more closer towards their private parts. Earlier while shooting for songs, directors used to stick some designs on actresses bodies to make them look like tattoos. Now may be they don’t have to worry about it, as the actresses are coming with Real ones.


  1. jhanavi Sexy girl

    Is a nice fashion and looks so cute if ur tattoos looks sexy…I really like tattoos on backs.its looks sexy

  2. i want genital vedieo

  3. It’s very amusing see a back-tatoo while I make love with my girlfriend at doggy-style

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