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0-6 age group population declines by five million

New Delhi(IANS): The population of children (0-6 years) in the country has recorded a decline of about five million over the previous census, according to provisional results Census 2011 released here Thursday.

The total number of children in the country in the age group of 0-6 years is 158.8 million, about five million less than the 2001 census figures and marks a negative growth of 3.08 percent, Registrar General of India and Census Commissioner C. Chandramauli said here while releasing the report. While the decline in male population (0-6 years) is 2.42 percent, it is higher at 3.80 percent in females.

According to Chandramauli, 20 states and union territories now have over one million chidren (0-6 years) while five have less than 100,000 children in the same age group.
Uttar Pradesh (29.7 million), Bihar (18.6 million), Maharashtra (12.8 million), Madhya Pradesh (10.5 million) and Rajasthan (10.5 million) comprise 52 percent children in the 0-6 years age group.

The proportion of child population (0-6 years) to total population is 13.1 percent while the corresponding figure in 2001 was 15.9 percent, marking a decline of 2.8 points, Chandramauli said. He said that the trend of decline of child population (0-6 years) to total population shows a fall in fertility.

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