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11 Indian men taken hostage by Somali pirates

Ahmedabad: Somali pirates have struck again, this time taking hostage 11 men hailing from Gujarat’s Kutch district who were working on a Dubai-based cargo vessel.

“According to information received late last night, some 11 men from Mandvi who were working on the Dubai-based vessel Al-Barari were taken hostage after Somalian pirates hijacked the ship from near the port of Mogadishu,” Kutch Vahanvati Association (KVA) president Kasam Ali Bholim told PTI.

“The pirates attacked the ship when it was anchored near Mogadishu port after unloading the cargo it had brought from Dubai,” he said, adding he got the information from crew of another vessel which was anchored at the same port.

Last week, as many as seven Indian dhows with over 100 crew members were hijacked by Somalian pirates.

Bholim said they have not heard from the missing crew or the pirates.

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