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17 Indians sentenced to death in UAE

Dubai: Seventeen Indians have been sentenced to death by Sharjah’s Shariah Court for killing a Pakistani man and injuring three others in a vicious attack last year.

Judge Yousuf Al Hamadi sentenced the 17 men to death after all evidence, including DNA tests, showed they had knifed the Pakistani to death, Khaleej Times reported.

The victim had died of his wounds after he was stabbed repeatedly on various parts of his body and had also suffered brain damage, police said.

The attack in January last year followed a fight over the control of the illegal liquor business in Al Sajaa area of Sharjah, one of the emirates of UAE, the paper said.

The police had said the suspects had attempted to kill three other compatriots of the victim, but they managed to escape and were rushed to Kuwaiti Hospital for treatment.

The convicted men are aged between 17 and 30 years. According to the three Pakistanis who survived, 50 people set upon them with knives on that fateful day last year.

Police had rushed to the area and arrested the 17, who had allegedly led the attack. The others were let off due to lack of evidence.

During court hearings, all the suspects confessed they had fought with and murdered the victim. Forensics reports and DNA tests also proved their role in the crime.

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  1. In the UAE, a death sentence is either appealed to the ruler of the emirate where the crime has been committed or the President of the federation. In case of a death sentence, only the victim’s family can commute the sentence. Conventionally, the government tries to negotiate with a victim’s family with financial compensation or diya to forgive the accused and commute the death sentence.

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