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17-yr-old boy gang raped by 10 women: Police chief

Sydney: A 17-year-old boy was gang raped by 10 women in Papua New Guinea.

Teddy Tei, Southern Highlands Province police commander, said the knife wielding gang of women attacked the schoolboy just outside the provincial centre of Mendi on Friday.

“This is a serious matter and police are trying to identify who these animals are. More than 10 women with kitchen knives attacked him and four women had sexual intercourse with him,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted him as saying.

Tei said he feared the women may have infected the young man with HIV/AIDs.

“HIV/AIDs is a problem in PNG and I am concerned the women might be infected. I always warn the women to be careful at night but I am now warning the men too,” Tei said.

“Police are investigating but it is not clear why the attack happened,” he said.

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