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3 Bar girls raped by 8 to 9 men in Bangalore

Not much after a law student gangraped in the city, three girls working at a bar were reportedly raped by 8 to 9 youth last night.

At around 12.30 am 8 to 9 men arrived to a place where seven bar girls working in a Casino bar in Gandhinagar are staying. They overpowered the two security guards and entered the house.

They robbed all the valuables including a gold chain, mobile phones, dvd player and Rs 15,000 cash from the girls.

Then the youth blindfolded three bar girls out of seven and took them to the nearby house and molested them.

At around 3.30 am they dropped the girls at a nearby bridge and fled.

Police recorded victims statements and sent them to a private hospital for medical examination.

Superintendent of Police Anupam Agarwal said that the manhunt is on and they will nab the culprits very soon.

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