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A sharp jerk and the coaches overturned

Jhargram: “It was pitch dark… when I regained my senses, I somehow managed to scramble out of the coach through the emergency window,” said Anil Gupta, who was onboard the Maharashtra-bound Express train which came under Maoist attack in the wee hours.

There was a sharp jerk, as the driver braked, and then some of the coaches overturned, another passenger of the Howrah-Kurla Lokmanya Tilak Gyaneshwari Super Deluxe Express which was targeted by Maoists, killing 65 passengers and injuring 200 others, said.

The attack led to derailment of 13 coaches with five of them being hit by a goods train coming from the opposite direction.

According to some of the survivors, just after the train derailed, they heard a “crash like” sound and a goods train coming from the other direction rammed into the coaches which had overturned on the down line.

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