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About 200 cases against Delhi policemen in 3 yrs

New Delhi: About 200 criminal cases have been registered against policemen in the city in the past three years, with offences ranging from minor ones to serious crimes like molestation, possessing drugs and abduction.

According to information received under the Right to Information Act, 2,297 instances have come to notice between 2007 and May 2010 in which at least 2,350 policemen, including Assistant Commissioner of Police level officers, have been issued show-cause notices, faced departmental inquiries or criminal cases.

A total of 199 criminal cases were registered against policemen for offences like allegedly extorting money, involvement in dowry harassment cases, beating up youths, molesting girls and taking bribes during the period.

A maximum of 795 cases were registered in 2007, followed by 552 in 2009 and 505 in 2008. A total of 126 such cases were registered between January and May this year.

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