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Ace shooter Bindra surrenders his Mohali plot

Chandigarh: Ace shooter and India’s only gold medal winner in an individual event, Abhinav Bindra, on Wednesday surrendered his controversial Mohali Aerocity plot after claiming that he was unaware of the terms and conditions that forbid him from applying for a second plot.

Bindra surrendered the plot after Mohali Urban Development Authority said that it was considering criminal action against him. Bindra had violated norms by failing to disclose that he had already been allotted a plot in Punjab in 2002.

He claimed that he had not read the terms and conditions properly while applying for the second time for the Mohali plot under the sports quota.

The Punjab Urban Development Authority later discovered that Bindra had applied for the 500 square yard plot even though he had already been allotted a similar plot in 2002.

As per the rules, a person who has been allotted a plot is barred from doing so a second time

The authority claimed that Bindra withheld details of the previous allotment, a violation that could invite criminal action.

Moreover, Bindra sold off the first plot in 2006 for hefty profit at an estimated Rs 1 crore.

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