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Adarsh Society scam: Mukherjee, Antony meet Sonia; discuss Chavan’s fate

New Delhi: Congress President Sonia Gandhi held consultations with senior party leaders on Monday on the fate of Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan over the Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society scam in Mumbai.

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, Defence Minister A K Antony and senior party leader Ahmed Patel met Gandhi and are understood to have discussed the matter.

A decision by the Congress party on Chavan”s fate is expected to take some more time.

“In today”s meeting, we did not discuss any matter related to the current issues of Mumbai. The meeting we had with the Congress President was in connection to tomorrow”s AICC,” Pranab Mukherjee told reporters.

“In respect to the Maharashtra issues, yesterday night itself I told the waiting media that we require some time to study the documents and only then will we be in a position to report to the Congress President,” he added.

Even as the next 72 hours prove to be crucial for Chavan, who made his way back to Mumbai early today, thee suspense over the fate of Chavan ontinues.

Mukherjee, heading the two-member committee, met fellow Antony last night shortly after arrival from Kolkata and said that he would require some more time to go through the documents and prepare a report for Sonia Gandhi.

On Saturday, the Congress President set up the two-member panel to probe how the 31-storeyed plush Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society came up on a piece of land meant for the families of Kargil martyrs and the allotment of flats to politicians, bureaucrats and military officials.

Earlier, Chavan said: “Regarding the Mumbai scam, I have given the information to Sonia Gandhi. I have told her the truth. What role we play in it has all been put on the table. It is the government”s land.”

“CBI inquiry is also welcome. It should be researched and investigated. The truth should be out. Everyone should know all the facts. I have offered to tender my resignation, left it to the Congress President to take the final call,” he added.

The 31-storey Adarsh Society in Colaba, Mumbai, has become the catchment area for a massive political controversy.

Former army chiefs, politicians and bureaucrats have all been allotted flats here for a fraction of the market rate.

Records show that two members of Chavan”s family, whom he describes as distant relatives, are among the 104 alottees for Adarsh Society.

The CBI is now investigating the scam.

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  1. This are the most Shameless Culprits, who cooked their bread on Shaeed Jawan’s Cremations. A respectable society for Kargil Widows has turned into BADMAASHON ki SOCIETY. Every illegal ones on this plot must be Court Martial. More shocking was to see some Shameless Congress Politicians on TV, justifying the loot from Kargil Shaheed Widows that Homeless Politicians and Officials has birth right to get the plot. CM Ashok Chavan’s lame argument about land as an Govt Propriety does not give right to Politicians and Officials to loot Govt or Public resources by paying fraction of price. Some of them by giving excuse about the unawareness of ownership of land and paying fraction of price, can’t they imagine that they are shopping at Grey Market. CBI inquiry is welcomed as Restaurant Menu. Disease of Corruption has spread from Congress to Army and other Officials. In past we use to see Politicians relationship with Land Mafia, today we see Politicians, Army Officials, Govt Officials becomes LAND MAFIAS, Today, India has became the DEN of Corrupted Politicians, Officials and Citizens with Dead Soul. Rahul, Sonia, PM should ask their own CM and Politicians about any progress besides LOOTING India, rather than asking Nitish in Bihar. Surprisingly, we don’t find AICC spoke person Manish Tiwari to give his Sugar Coated Lies on Media. GOD BLESS INDIA.

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