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AI crash: IX 812 black box badly damaged

New Delhi: The black box and cockpit voice recorder of the Air India Express flight IX 812 which crashed in Mangalore, are badly damaged.

It may take time to get to know what led to the Mangalore disaster as both devices need to be sent to the US for decoding.

The decision to send it to the US is always taken by the investigation committee which is yet to be set up.

What is black box ?

A “black box” records flight performance data, holds data that explains crash, records all control settings, has details of flight parameters, records performance and data of instruments inside the aircraft like speed, angle of descent. It also helps to piece together sequence of events leading to the crash.

The device is designed to withstand crash, heat and is coated in orange colour, not black, so that it is easy to spot in wreck in a crash aftermath.

The device is always mounted in aircraft’s tail section to ensure much damage is not done to it in a crash.

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